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COOS BAY — Some weeks getting sports editor John Gunther's schedule and mine to work out so we can go to lunch can be tricky.

Last week was one of those weeks.

It's understandable though, with the Class 3A State Basketball Tournament in town from Thursday through Saturday, and all the prep work that goes into it.

It's one of those weeks when he says "hi" and "bye" to his wife with just a few winks of sleep in between.

In the past seven issues, John wrote 33 stories for The World, did all the pieces for all 16 team boxes (info, rosters, schedules), and still somehow found time to get Community Sports in Saturday's paper. I don't know how he does it.

If he doesn't win Employee of the Month this month, they should just stop giving out that award ... that or they could just name the award after him, The World's John Gunther Employee of the Month goes to ... (actually has a good ring to it). We'll see.

So, to make a short story very long, we didn't get to continue our lunch series this week.

He did get to partake in the seafood dinner that they have for the coaches last Wednesday, but then he missed out on several opportunities in the hospitality rooms at the tournaments.

The first day of games at North Bend, food from Tai's Dynasty was brought in twice, right after the first two games started and right after the second two games started. In other words, right after John got seated courtside to cover games.

He did say he got a plate of cold rice (but also pointed out that cold rice from Tai's Dynasty tops lots of other things).

Then on Friday, he missed the breakfast selection because of the 8 a.m. tipoff at Marshfield, then came out to find a wonderful selection of fried chicken for lunch.

But ... with it being a Friday during Lent, John had to wait until later when Michelle Martin's nice Quinoa chili was being served. And John really likes fried chicken.

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If anyone out there does a nice fried chicken and wants us to stop by, drop me an email at

Saturday was better for John when Michelle saved him some of her breakfast treat after another 8 a.m. session and he got to sample the pizza that came later. For the record, he also said he appreciates any hospitality that is available at the tournament and that both North Bend and Marshfield do a great job in that area every year. 

So, while John was busy, I took Autumn back to Friends Cafe in Eastside for another burger. The bacon cheeseburger was just as good as the Western BBQ burger I had there a few weeks back.

We'll get back to our lunchtime series this week. If you have missed any of the recent stories, digital editor Joel Wear has been attaching two or three past stories to each of the stories online at You can catch up there.

Happy dining everyone. We'll see you next week.


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