Jan 12 — Shut Up! (Tais Toi)  

2003 French buddy-action-comedy TAIS-TOI! (also known as Shut Up! and Ruby & Quentin).

Quentin is an amiable idiot who drives everyone crazy with his mindless, incessant chatter. After a botched hold-up, he's thrown in a prison cell with Ruby, a hard-boiled thief who refuses to speak at all. The unlikely pair escape from jail together. Unable to shake the cumbersome but oddly helpful Quentin, Ruby is pursued by his former gang and the police, both hoping to lay hands on the 20 million euros he has secretly hidden away. SHUT UP is the ultimate buddy caper-comedy topped by hilarious performances from Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional, Mission: Impossible) and Gerard Depardieu (Jean de Florette, Man in the Iron Mask).

Feb 9 — Glory - Bulgaria 2016

March — Bad Lucky Goat - USA/Creole 2017


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