COQUILLE - Coquille Martial Arts held their annual fall tournament at the Coquille Community Center on Nov. 11. Students from Grants Pass to Eugene and Coos Bay competed for the honor of taking home a sword set for grand champion and a plaque for best overall.

This year, the Coquille school kept all three awards, despite very talented competition. In the 7 and under category, 5-year-old Jett Brice, a yellow belt from Coos Bay, took the sword set winning three first-place medals.

In the 8-17 division, Marley Petrey of Bandon took both the sword set and the best overall, having earned for first-place medals and one third-place medal.

The black belt competitors, both instructors at Coquille Martial Arts, unanimously agreed to not compete in other divisions, thus rolling the award over to next year's tournament.

Bandon student rankings:

Marley Petrey, 10, first in forms, first in weapons, first in sparring, first in creative forms, third in synchronized forms.

Ezekial Forgey, 6, second in forms, second in sparring and second in flag sparring.

Samuel Forgey, 9, first in sparring, third in forms.

Matthew Forgey, 11, second in forms, second in weapons, second in sparring.

Andrew Keeler, 11, first in forms, first in weapons.

Levi Keeler, 9, first in forms, second in weapons, second in sparring.

Jack Sorenson, second in sparring.