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Letter to the Editor

1. In our “Notice to the Public,” which was printed in the Opinion section of the Bandon Western World on Feb. 1, the Friends said “checks made out to the Langlois Public Library itself are not tax deductible. We were not aware until recently that such donations are now deductible on both state and federal returns.

2. The notice said that at the Feb. 7 meeting, the Langlois Library Board would address a resolution to no longer be involved with the Friends. We were faulted by the Board for advertising an issue which the Board had not planned to address at the February meeting on the basis that the resolution had been passed in January. It was our understanding that the resolution had been discussed, but not yet passed because:

- the January agenda listed a “resolution” without any descriptors of content. Neither the Friends nor the community were advised by the agenda, the director, or the board, that such a vital issue would be discussed.

- after the January board meeting, the chairman emailed a notice to the Friends that “the board voted unanimously to draft a resolution” which led us to believe that the resolution was in progress, but not voted on.

- the Friends requested minutes of the January meeting which said “craft a resolution” with no reference to a vote on that resolution. When the minutes were read at the board meeting, language concerning a vote had been inserted. We were not alerted to the correction.

3. The Friends have been faulted for sending a memo to the board in December saying that they would not be raising funds until a memorandum of understanding was agreed upon. The end of that memo closed with the wish that the Friends, director and board could enter into a cooperative agreement for the good of the Langlois Pubic Library. The memo was sent because the board order for email only communication between the Friends, director, staff and volunteers made it impossible for us to do our volunteer job, nor was it helping to repair working relations. We had suggested three options (talking face to face, mediation, memorandum of understanding) which were not discussed in open session by the board. We believe the board interpreted our communication as a bullying tactic. We were forced into withdrawal because we work for the good of our community library, feel misunderstood and could not in good faith raise funds when we could not provide good oversight as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit (not “private”) corporation.

The fact that the Friends declined to raise funds for the Langlois Public Library does not mean the Friends are withdrawing from their mission. We felt it would be unethical to raise funds from the community without repairing working relations with the board and with the director.

We hope to return to serving our community library in the future.

Friends of the Langlois Library