Letter to the Editor

Did you know September was National Preparedness Month? Apparently, Bandon Prepares did not know this either because they did not hold a preparedness event in Bandon.

According to their website:

“BandonPrepares, Inc. is a registered Oregon non-profit organization supporting the City of Bandon and the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District in implementing a program of disaster preparedness.”

This another classic example of what I call government theatre: the appearance of doing something while actually doing nothing.

Meetings are held. Committees and task forces are formed. Studies are conducted. But nothing is getting done! In all fairness, Bandon Prepares has put a couple of containers of supplies in Bandon City Park, giving people a false sense of security.

According to www.banprep.org:

“The City of Bandon has placed two 20-foot storage containers in City Park to provide for a cache of emergency supplies. The containers are currently being used to store basic shelter supplies and a limited amount of water. At present, there is no plan to store food in the containers.”

Go see for yourself. Do you think there are enough supplies in those containers to help the 6,000 citizens of the Bandon School District? The City of Bandon gives money to Bandon Prepares. Do you think the money is spent wisely?

For over 5 years, on a monthly basis, Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) has held free educational public meetings on preparedness. SWOP has educated thousands of people along the southern Oregon coast from Brookings to Reedsport. One SWOP member drives from Astoria, Oregon to attend. I have traveled to Medford and Grants Pass to give preparedness presentations. How many preparedness events has Bandon Prepares held in the past five years?

I am CERT trained and a CERT trainer. In the disaster preparedness class, we stress one simple fact: in a disaster, You're On Your Own (YOYO). Have you watched the news the past month? Hurricanes and wildfires have cause disasters for millions of people. Do you believe Bandon Prepares or the government will be there to save you? Most of the rescues in Texas were performed by citizens, not government agencies.

Just so you know, Bandon Prepares, October is The Great Oregon ShakeOut: www.shakeout.org/oregon. Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:19 a.m. on Oct. 19 during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. Are you prepared?

Avery T. Horton, Jr.

Southwestern Oregon Preppers