Letter to the Editor

I was reading The World a few weeks ago and came across an article regarding some of the new laws being passed in Salem. The one regarding abortion was disturbing to me. If I read it correctly, we would be allowed to terminate a pregnancy at any stage for practically any reason, including if the fetus was the wrong sex. What ever happened to "except for rape, incest or the health of the mother"? What comes next?

I've heard on the news that Congress received an amendment for consideration stating that parents should be able to decide on the life of a child up until the time the infant leaves the hospital. Then there's the noted doctor/tenured professor at a prestigious eastern college who feels that parents should have the right to terminate a child up to 1-year-old because they aren't contributing to society. You might think that could never happen, but 10 or 15 years ago did you imagine they would be performing late-term abortions and harvesting organs and other body parts for sale? Are we headed for an industry that pays women to carry babies to term just for purpose of harvesting parts?

Speaking for the health of the mother, is a late-term abortion safe? In a normal birth, if the child is coming breach, there is consternation about whether to turn the baby because it's very dangerous to both mom and baby. In a late-term abortion, if the baby is in the head first position, the doctor deliberately turns it breach because they need to insert their instrument into the base of the skull and suck out the brain before the baby takes a breath. Why? Because if the baby takes a breath before the procedure, it's considered murder. Question: Why is a baby not considered alive until he/she takes the first breath? Death of a human is determined by no heart beat or brain function, not breathing. Otherwise why do CPR? At 18 days a fetus has a beating heart, and brain function at eight weeks.

Speaking of murder — is not the definition: Taking the life of an innocent human? Are all babies conceived by a human sperm and a human egg? Does a fetus grow and progress indicating life? Is the baby innocent? Is it against the law to murder? I'll leave that decision to you.

Lois Buerer