Caught Being Good for October 2017

Students at Ocean Crest Elementary School "caught" for October include, back row from left: Keegan Looney, Kasey Holt, Skyler Colgrove, Haven Crook, Jobe Castro, Aiden Wilson, Scott John and Evan Parker; front row from left: Tessa Hackett, Austin Schmidt, Addison Jones, Savannah Adams, Dylan Hall and Gregory Smith-Napier. Not pictured: Mercedes Martin.

BANDON — Ocean Crest Elementary School honors students who are observed doing something reflecting the month's character focus with the “Caught You Being Good” program. Each month will reflect a character focus at the school, with students exhibiting SAFE behavior the theme for October.

Student who were an example of having safe behavior during the month were given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing.

At the end of the month at the Friday PRIDE assembly, 15 names are chosen from the box and those students are given a golden dollar, a pencil and a certificate. The Bandon Lions Club provides the prizes for the program.

Students caught being safe for October include:


Gregory Smith-Napier, for following directions by standing quietly in line.

Dylan Hall, for following line-up directions.

Savannah Adams, for listening to directions and following them the first time

First grade

Tessa Hackett, for using walking feet in the hallway.

Addison Jones, for pushing chairs in so kids don’t trip.

Austin Schmidt, for being safe during the fire drill by calmly moving his body through the classroom and out to the field.

Second grade

Haven Crook, for being the best-behaved Tiger Cub on the bus!

Jobe Castro, for using walking feet and not worrying about a spot in line.

Aiden Wilson, for making sure Chromebooks are safely put away.

Third grade

Scott John, for helping a Tiger Cub peer with his backpack; being a buddy!

Evan Parker, for picking up jump ropes so kids won’t trip.

Skyler Colgrove, for being a good example of safe behavior for other Tiger Cubs.

Fourth grade

Keegan Looney, for helping an injured student at recess.

Mercedes Martin, for never rushing in class or on the way to recess.

Kasey Holt, for listening to adult directions and following them the first time.