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BANDON — By the efforts of George Trott, District 3 commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bandon has made another step toward being the only city in Oregon to be designated a "Medal of Honor City."

Commander Trott began the process several months ago by contacting City Manager Robert Mawson, a Coos County commissioner, the head of Medal of Honor Highway committee and the City of Bandon.

The idea came about as the local VFW is called officially the "Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal of Honor Post 3440," in honor of Frank C. High, Medal of Honor recipient. Bandon resident Frank C. High received the United States of America's highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, for Actions of Valor on May 16, 1899 during the Philippine insurrection.

The organizing group is now going through the process of renaming the local VFW to "Veterans of Foreign Wars Frank C. High Medal of Honor Post 3440."

During the Feb. 6 Bandon City Council meeting, Mayor Mary Schamehorn and City Council members presented VFW representatives, including Trott and VFW Commander Royce Kelley, with the proclamation from the city to name Bandon a "Medal of Honor City."

"Thank you city of Bandon and thank you Commander Trott for your efforts," said Kelley.

The Proclamation:

"Whereas, the Medal of Honor is our nation's highest award for valor presented to a member of our nation's Armed Forces for acting with conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty during combat with an enemy of the United States and at the risk of death to oneself while saving others; and

"Whereas, according to Bend Heroes Foundation, Oregon has been home to 26 Medal of Honor recipients from the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps who served in eight wars in 10 countries during a period of 108 years beginning with the Civil War and ending with the Vietnam War; and

"Whereas, U.S. Army Private Frank Charles High was awarded the Medal of Honor for helping defeat enemy forces which outnumbered his unit 30 to 1 on May 16, 1899 and is thereby one of Oregon's 6 "Bravest of the Brave" veterans; and

"Whereas, Frank Charles High is connected with Bandon by living in the area; and

"Whereas, VFW Post 3440 is Bandon was named "VFW Medal of Honor Post 3440" honoring recipient Frank Charles High on Feb. 1, 1936 and scheduled to be renamed "Veterans of Foreign Wars Frank C. High Medal of Honor Post 3440" on April 8, 2018, and is the only veterans group in Oregon named to honor a Medal of Honor recipient from Oregon; and

"Whereas, the City of Bandon deeply appreciates the service and sacrifice of all our nation's Medal of Honor recipients and the positive roles they have played in their communities across Oregon and our nation for over 156 years.

"Now, therefore, It is resolved that, the City Council of the City of Bandon, Oregon hereby proclaims Bandon a "Medal of Honor City," and hereby urges the State of Oregon to add the City of Bandon to the list of Oregon cities designated as a "Medal of Honor City." 

Signed, Mary Schamehorn, Mayor