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F FAMILY AMILY OWNED & OPERA OPERATED TED Try our comfortable mattresses today for a great night’s sleep! 8 P SHEE L LOCA Largest OregoESn’S SEsLECTIO y 101 790 SE Hw Plaza) (Mid City -4256 (541) 418 Neptun Big 5) (Next to SE Clay St y SE Neptu ne Dr. AT ONLINE COM *APPLY TRESS. ASMAT AMERIC e Av Hw ast Lebanon 23rd St ort Rd er 36 E. Airp Retail Cent Lebanon -4455 (541) 405 NOW! os Bay Co adway 310 S. Bro n Coos Bay) (Downtow -3100 (541) 267 OPENING GRAND Oregon Coast $ Mattress America’s of Lebanon 16 S Main St Curtis Ave ewport Hwy Corallis-N E Olive St Rd Santiam Hwy Hwy E Airport St Mattress Americas of Coos Bay SE 1st St u Need ou p Yo The SleeANTEED GUAR Warrenton rtable You’ll So Comfo These Never Count ™ Guys Again. ort We Supp Florence101 Linens fo “Quality an r Hom d Comfort ebl at Afforda or Gift ed are register materials licensed ers Digest and other of Consum Buy Seal The Best trademarks For award marks and under license. certification s, LLC, used Communication ConsumersDige visit information, 2455 Hwy Coos Bay y dwa 310 S. Broa (Old 3-2-1 Video) tune Dr. n Coos Bay) 991-3700 Newport (Downtow 180 SE. NepBig 5) e 00 (541) (Next To 350 E. Oliv ty. 1) 267-31 warranty Bldg) -6085 (54 ual product (Carpet One acturer’s individ (503) 861 Plaza and the manuf 265-4047 your local store 56 (541) ons found in -42 conditi and 418 t to the terms om (541) t and is subjec asmattress.c of the produc eric level t .am comfor www Bru ction with the shed Mic overall satisfa refers to your teed rofi ON SAL Guaran ber Sh NeedE eet Set From $49 The Sleep You Lincoln City 101 790 SE Hwy ) $ 00 OFF 2 UEEN SETS Q Mattress Americas of Newport Mattress Americas k of Tillamoo 02 AM16-49-0 Ivy Ave t Hwy on Coas Oreg SE Coast St NE Douglas NE 1st St CING FINAN - UP TO AR! S 5 YE TO PAY Mattress Americas of Albany Hwy Inlet Co OPENING GRAND OPENING GRAND St (Carpet One 1910 1st & Hwy 101) -5560 (503) 354 NOW! 1st St 9th 340 E. Oliv ) Building -4047 (541) 265 k TillamooSt. Front St SE Newporte of 1st (Corner FREE -4179 (541) 926 NOW! Mattress America’s of Florence SE on eg Or Warrenton s res att s M ty ca’ Ci eri ln Am Linco of Mattress of age Mall East of Herit Oregon Coast -6085 (503) 861 America’s INCLUD MODELS 124 y 101 2455 HwVideo) (Old 3-2-1 -3700 (541) 991 ODEL FLOOR M 31st! cember rough De NOW Th STARTS E Retailer Florence City Lincoln n Warrento e Dr. SE 2nd St. AT THE GRE ANTEE ICE GUAR LOW PR PPORT • ORT & SU Albany SE TY COMF 3 Clay St. N • QUALI ST MATTR • LARGE 180 SE. t Oregon convenien locations 2017 YEAR E N D ale S s s e r t t a M T NEWPOR CITY LINCOLN TON WARREN COOS BAY CE REN FLO OK TILLAMO ALBANY N LEBANO Owned Family rated And Ope 300 OFF 99 KING SETS $12 $899 & UP & UP E LOOK FOR TH RED TAGS ARANTEED Need GU u o Y p The Slee AL SHE E T SALE (Mid City to $69 AFTER EA Set • Deep SAV • Stain pockets for matt INGS and wrink ress dept • No pillin le hs up to g shrinkingresistant 18” • Brus hed on • Size both sides s inclu king, split de: twin, twinfor soft feel xl, full, king, cal queen king, and split cal split, king 600 TC 70% OFF 59 Set Compare at 70% OFF Glastonb ury Queen Individu ally wra Size Se luxury coo pped coils ts ling com with fort Color: Wh ite Weeke nder Ge l Me Foam Pi llow mory Size: Sta nda rd 39 $ Each Da Queen costa Size Se ts 2 for $ 99 Zoned Ca Travel lming Lavend Neck Pil er • Zone low d • Infus Dough® supportiv e Plush Each Great Gift Id eas! mem ed with real Laveory foam • Grea t • Doug for car and plan nder oil h® mem e ory foam rides is soft and Firm 899 69 $ High Qu Portugu ali es Flaty nnel SheeteSe t 100% Bru shed cot 5 Year ton with Warranty for mattre sses 6” - 18” Colors: Oatmeal or Pacific 30 OFF $ QU E E N 999 SET SA L E Individu ally wra luxury coo pped coils ling com with fort Pillow Top 1599 $ Add this to any onQUEEN MOTIO for only e of these 6 QuN BASE een Sets Plush Prem Motion ium Queen Bas legs and e to elevate upper bod (See store y 1499 $ 1 $ for detai ls) Firm 1499 $ e: Fu rn itu re Tod 15 20 ay T 6t h op U ne 1 .S. Bedd ing Producers, Ju Coolin Memory g Foam Quee with $1 n Size Set Motion Base 7” Fallwo od $ 999 The Sleep You Need GuaraNTeed 310 S. Broadway, Coos 541-267-3100 Bay 2455 Hwy. 101, Florence 541-991-3700 FREE DELIVERY FREE SET-UP w/minimum purchase, local delivery HOURS: M–SAT 9:30-6; SUN 11-5 Sa Starts le Today! 899 $ $ Pillow Top $ c • • depths • Hypo sensitive up to 22” allergic • More and odor sking • Wick breathable and resistant s • Size moisture away temperature s inclu regulating from the king, split de: twin, twin than fabri body xl, cs king, cal king, andfull, queen split, split cal king Each $249 LUXUR Y Today! 77 $ hrough D ecember 31st! ur Bamb oo Sheet ON SAL E From Set $119 to $15 AFTER Deep pock SAVING 9 EA Set Silky soft ets for matt S ress for Sa Starts le e! Each 70% OFF Your Ch oic So SENSA TION • • ress dept ture • 55% hs up to cotton / balance 18” • Wrin kle resis 45% polyester • Size s inclu tant king, split de: twin, twin xl, king, cal king, andfull, queen, split cal king $99 STARTS N OW T Down Microfib Alternative er Comf orter • Ultra soft micr • Over sized Queofiber cover • Hypo allergeni en and King • Corn c down er • 70 gsm duvet cover alternative fill loop with hypodouble-brushe s d microfibe allergeni c down r alternativ shell filled e fill $ Compare at Cotto n Blend ON SAL Sheet E From AFTER $79 to $119 EA Deep pock SAVING Set S Tempera ets for matt e Prices!” Pillow Wedge • Relie ves snor • Firm, ing supportiv and acid reflu • Grea e foam x t • Angledfor reading or watching design acid reflu help TV x and sinuss relieve snor in bed pressure ing, heartburn ,

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